Dangerous outcomes of Texting While Driving

Dangerous outcomes of Texting While Driving

It is usually said that it is your inner intention that matters not your action or results. If you have good intention then you do not need to worry even the results are opposite to what you expected. The dilemma faced by our society is that we do not consider the use of mobile phone illegal while driving. In fact, there are large numbers of people (roughly 77%) who strongly believe that there is no harm texting while driving.

Texting While Driving And Our Youth

82% people of United States aging 16 to 17 years have a personal mobile phone. The shocking news is that 52% of them have admitted the fact that they talk on mobile phone while driving while 34% of them are guilty of texting while driving. The use of mobile phones while driving is like an addiction for the teenagers who feel it difficult to get rid of this bad habit.

It’s the Mistake of Adults

We all know that children observe everything in their surroundings and then try to repeat these things afterwards. Now a days, everyone blame youngsters for using mobile phones while driving but no one punishes their parents as parents are equally responsible for it. This is what a recent survey also suggests. According to this survey, 48% of the teenager drivers admitted the fact that they observed their parents talking on cell phones several times whereas 15% of the young drivers told the survey team that they have seen their parents’ texting while driving.

Shocking Facts About Use of Mobile Phones While Driving

  • According to a reliable source, 23% of total auto crashes that took place in the year 2011 were due to the use of cell phones. In other words, 1.3 million crashes took place just because of cell phone usage.
  • A driver loses his attention from the road for a minimum time period of 5 seconds while texting during driving. One can cover the distance up to the length of a football field within 5 seconds if he is driving at 55mph.
  • It is being estimate that text messaging while driving a vehicle increases the chance of vehicle crash up to 23%.
  • If you are dialing any number while driving then you are increasing the risk of road accident up to 2.3%.
  • Talking on cell phone while driving increases risk of accident up to 1.3%.
  • If you are looking for your mobile phone while driving then you have 1.4% more risk of crash.
  • 13% of the youngsters having age between 18 and 20 admitted the fact that they were using mobile phones at the time of accident.
  • Texting while driving leads you to lose your lane for several minutes which is why most of the road accidents occur.

What Does Traffic Laws State?

Laws are made for our own protection but we do not understand this fact. 39 states strictly prohibit sending or seeing text messages while driving and 10 states including Washington, DC prohibits drivers from talking on cell phone while driving. Being a responsible citizen, it is our duty to avoid texting and making phone calls while driving. Not only this, we should teach our children to do the same by acting as good role models for them.


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