Distracted Driving – How to Get rid of Distracted Driving?

Distracted Driving – How to Get rid of Distracted


Driving is a full time job; you cannot do anything else while driving. Unfortunately, most of us do not take driving seriously and this can lead to serious issues. A term distracted driving is commonly used these days for all those people who perform multiple tasks while driving such as texting, talking on mobile etc.

Distracted Driving – What is It All About?

Distracted driving basically refers to every single act of yours that can cause distraction while driving. These distractions whether small or large, visual or audio can increase the risk of road accident leaving you and other passengers in danger. There are three main types of distractions. First type is called as audio distraction. It includes all those distractions that distracts our hearing or audio ability. It may happen due to a bell ring, listening to music in full volume etc. Second type of distraction is visual distraction. It distracts our vision. When a bell rings on mobile then we suddenly grab the mobile. As a result we lose visual of the road for a few seconds. Third type of distraction is cognitive distraction. It affects our motion or movement abilities. Sending or receiving results in all these three type of distractions that is why most of the states have strictly prohibited the use of cell phones while driving.

Following are some most common driving distractions that must be avoided.

  • Typing or reading the text on mobile
  • Use of mobile phone for calling or other purposes
  • Eating food or drinking while driving
  • Having a conversation with fellow passengers
  • Combing your hair, applying makeup etc.
  • Reading a newspaper, any magazine or a road map
  • Watching any movie or video on screen
  • Tuning radio station
  • Setting MP3 Player or changing songs

How to Get rid of Distracted Driving?

It is the need of the day to create awareness among the people of United Stated regarding distracted driving in order to save people from dangerous accidents. Majority of the people do not think distracted driving to be dangerous. If you are also one of them then you must take some time out for reading the shocking statistics about distracted driving.

Shocking Facts About Distracted Driving

Roughly, 3,360 people lost their lives as a result of crashes from distracted driving in the year 2011. This amount decreased to 3,328 in 2012. A total of 387,000 people got seriously injured due to distracted driving in 2011. This figure increased to 421,000 in 2012 which means that there was a 9% increase in injuries within just a year.

Drivers under the age of 20 have higher rate of road accidents and injuries due to distracted driving. According to reliable sources, a total of 10% teenage drivers faced serious crash leading to severe injury as a result of distractions. According to NHTSA, 27% of the total drivers in between the age of 20 and 30 face serious road accidents which mostly occur due to distracted driving.

According to NOPUS, 660,000 people use cell phones or other electronic devices every minute. This figure was constant in the past few years. According to VTTI, the use of mobile phones and other similar devices increases the risk of a road accident up to 3%. When people read or type a text then his eyes loses focus on the road for about five seconds which is enough time for a serious crash. You can cover the distance up to the length of football field within 5 seconds if you are driving at a speed of 55mph. One quarter of total teenage drivers has admitted the fact that they send more than one text message every time while driving.


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