Eligibility For Traffic School – Guideline For New Drivers

Eligibility For Traffic School – Guideline For New


Am I eligible for going to traffic school? This is the question almost every driver asks whether he has recently started driving or is an expert in this field. Though, every person can and should join traffic school in order to polish his driving skills and get up-to-date information about traffic laws but there are certain things without which you cannot join a traffic school.

Eligibility Criterion For Traffic School

Following is an eligibility criterion adopted by both traditional and online traffic schools.

Driving License

You are legally and officially not allowed to join a traffic school unless you have a valid driving license. This in other words means that minor cannot join traffic school. Every traffic schools require detailed information about your driving history before giving admission to you.

Using a Non Commercial Vehicle

90% of the people take admission in traffic school online only because state law requires them to do so. According to traffic laws, if any incidence happens while driving a noncommercial vehicle then the driver should be charged with moving traffic ticket and he should go to traffic school.

You Received Ticket for Moving Violation

Hundreds of people get traffic tickets every day for a variety of reasons like fast driving, taking wrong turns, drinking alcohol while driving, texting while driving etc. There are a few selective cases in which court orders the drivers to take traffic course. Normally, you are eligible for taking admission in a traditional or online traffic school only if you received a ticket for moving violation not for nonmoving violation. In other word, you are non-eligible to join a traffic school if you received ticket for

  • Equipment related issues
  • Misbehavior with traffic constable
  • Drinking alcohol while driving
  • Wrong parking
  • Not wearing seat belts
  • Speed up to 25mph more than the standard speed

Courtesy Notice

You can join a traffic school online only if you have received a courtesy notice from the court of your respective state.

90 Days Expired

The courtesy notice you receive contains fee details for joining driver improvement traffic classes. You are eligible to join a traffic school within 90 days of paying the traffic school fee to the court. You will lose your eligibility after 90 days so it is highly suggested taking admission in any traffic school right after receiving the courtesy notice and paying the fee to the court. If you have tough routine that does not allows you to take classes then you may go for online traffic schools as they does not require your physical presence in the classrooms.

Once After Every 18 Months

You can take traffic course just once in every 18 months which means that if you attended a traffic school during the last 18 months then you are not eligible to attend it again even if you have received a traffic ticket for moving violation.

Here, it is to bring in your notice that if court orders you to join traffic school and you still do not take admission in any traffic schools then you insurance cost will increase up to a great extent.


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