Defensive and Safe Driving

Defensive and Safe Driving

Driving becomes very difficult sometimes, when you are not having your attention toward it. The most important thing is that you are distracted and do not alert about the situation ahead. If you forget this purpose and want to involve yourself in other things, discard driving the car and ask others to do so. It is much better rather to become the cause of any trouble. Make yourself aware of the rules of the traffic and then drive otherwise, you are not worthy of driving. It becomes the most dangerous thing, not only for you, but for the people around. These rules are very important and should be kept in mind in any case. The driving courses will be assisting in this regard.

Those who are so much interested in driving without prior training, they are really not taking care of themselves, but they should consider the other people, who might get injured or lose their lives just because of your careless behavior.

Prevent the driving in the following case,

  1. If you are used to drinking and cannot leave it at any cost, just prevent sitting on the driving seat. You can only sit in the car when there is someone else worthy to drive properly. Drinking is the most common factor that becomes the cause of major accidents on the road.
  2. Some or all the minors, who drive the car, should be strictly banned. Their elders should prevent them from driving. They are illegible and cannot perform this thing properly. They need to understand the importance of driving test before driving on the roads. If they pass it, they should be allowed, but still under their senior guardians.
  3. Discard driving if the road that leads to your destination is under construction. It is much better to take a smooth way, which will not create any problem for you during the journey. Strictly avoid driving, especially at the time, when you are a new driver.
  4. If your car is not working properly and there is some problem with it, avoid taking it on the journey. It will be really dangerous to do so, as if you car pulls up in a place, which is very far away from the populated area or where there is no mechanic around, you might lose your time and there will be no one to help you in this regard.
  5. Driving becomes really become a headache for you, especially at the time, when you are not eligible and are caught by a traffic controller. After the heavy fines, you might get imprisonment by the relevant authorities. So make sure that you are eligible and are having your driving license and the documents of your vehicle with you.
  6. Stop your vehicle immediately, if you are to listen to your phone or you want to text a message. Avoid your cell phone otherwise; it is dangerous to do so.

See the weather condition, and then decide; whether, it will be safe and sound to head toward your journey or not. if it is raining, prevent driving and wait till it stops


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